GET is back again with a camping event for you! “Camp with HITAISHIS: Make Hitaishis for a lifetime”
You will learn how to pitch your own tent, create a bonfire and outdoor meal preparation, team building games and a lot of other activities where you will enjoy and learn all together. This camping will be an opportunity for you to connect with the participants of our leading project Hitaishi, an intercultural rural-urban exchange project. We believe travelling together can build the bond even stronger so this camping trip is an opportunity for travel and outdoor-loving people like you to spend an overnight with someone you haven’t met before and create Hitaishis(best friends) for a lifetime.
The portion of your payment will also go to our Rural Hitaishi project 2022, an intercultural rural-urban exchange project which empowers girls from rural backgrounds through travelling and enhancing their leadership skills with efficient and practical workshops.
The details of the camping are:
Venue: Telkot Viewtower
Date: 24th and 25th December
Camping fees: Rs 2500 /-
(This camping is for a small group of 15 people so make sure you reserve your seat beforehand)
The camping fee includes the costs for transportation, food, camping equipment and gears(Sleeping bags, tents and mattresses) with many travellers’ life-changing stories and experiences. There are no additional costs hidden in this fee.
What you will need to bring!
-Your own washable cutleries to avoid less plastic/paper wastage
– One cute and handy steel mug to keep you hydrated with warm beverages
-Warm and thick jacket
-Woolen socks, hand warmers and caps
Our team will get in touch with you through your contact details for the payment and confirmation of participation! The amount would be non-refundable if cancellation is done within a week of the camping date.
Please submit the form by 20th December 2021.

Contact details

Name: Sristika Shrestha
Contact Number: (+977 9818.458.964)
Email address: