Set Your Goals: Explore Opportunities is a training that is merely targeted to the students from high school and undergraduate to develop various life skills such as leadership traits, personal goal setting, public speaking, financial literacy, profile making and soon.

Trave-Yeller, an annual fundraising event, is organized in order to mark International Women’s Day with an initiative to bring together travel lovers to redefine travel, to engage in an interactive discussion on how to make travel a perfect tool for empowerment with the message that, “Travel can make a difference”.

Travel Talks is an initiation of discussion series that aimed to share our ideas and perspectives to ideate the different aspects of travel amidst companionable and those who love to travel.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Hike is a recurring hike organized in order to aware and to provide information on Sustainable Development Goals amongst like-minded people especially youths by following the motto of “Leave no Trash” Behind.