It might surprise you to see more cyclists: male, female, kids, students are using bicycles as a means of transport. These days, even online food vendors are using cycles to deliver the food.  It is so fascinating to see the number of cyclists increasing in the trails, highways everywhere in spite of crazy traffic in the city. The Bicycle booms during the lockdown and many people  have started cycling to commute, to maintain their health and for fun. Females are getting into cycling, expanding their career in cycling and sports.

One day I was travelling to Patan by bus and I saw the green lanes in the road. I was wondering what green lanes were for the Pulchowk and Lalitpur area. At the same time the group of female cyclists was cycling through the lane and then I realised the green lane was for just cycling. 

When I was a kid, my parents never taught me or I was inspired to learn cycling.  I used to think Cycling was just for boys as toys and only rich people use it. But I am observing these days the importance of Cycling and a perfect tool to combat climate change. 

Here are my answers for “Why Cycling”?

Breathable Air Quality:

Yes, the use of cycles indeed makes the air quality breathable as now we all are vulnerable to lung diseases due to poor air quality, doubling the number of cycles means that there will be fewer cars producing a low amount of air pollutants. So dear all, let’s begin cycling to breathe good air.

Reduce your carbon footprints:

Are you concerned regarding global warming and you want to do something for the environment? then cycles are the perfect solution for you. According to research led by the University of Oxford, riding cycle for just once in a day reduces an average citizen’s carbon emissions from transport by 67%. And that’s a great way to take this small step towards global warming.

Less Traffic Jam:

Everybody wishes not to face a traffic jam while travelling (I always wish) and it could be real if many people would ride bicycles instead. More people cycling would mean they would take less space on the road, fewer vehicles, and less traffic jams. I hope we all will travel without traffic jams soon only if we opt for cycling.

No Hassle for parking space and charge:

Many people face the space problem to park their wheelers and charge for taking care of them. This hassle will be solved if most of us practice cycling as cycles don’t need much space specially in Kathmandu areas.

Better Health:

Cycling benefits your health by reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and building your muscles. Your blood fat levels also get reduced. Hence cycling is ideal for your body fitness.

Cycle and SDGs: 

Cycling is not only used for means of transport but it is the strongest tool  to achieve the SDGs 2030. UN states, “Cycling is an affordable and simple mode of transport enabling access to education, jobs, markets, and community activities in both urban and rural areas”  

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Author Name: Keshu Sherpa, GTC Member

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