Okay let’s be a bit honest here, shall we? Have you ever felt like escaping away from everything? Just for a day, a bit different away from the usual environment of your room, and a bit closer with nature perhaps? But no motivation to go outside so you just wanna spend your days as usual and regret it a teeny-tiny bit at the end of the day because it could have been a memorable day?

That got really honest there! But yeah, been there, done that.

How about we spend the day we would normally just sit around and let it pass by, into a fun and memorable camping trip. And I’ll give you five solid reasons why you should camp this winter instead of staying home in bed! 

Gets you out of comfort zone

Our survival instincts tell us to live in a very safe space of our home to be protected from outside threats. Well fortunately for us, we have evolved far away from the stone age where now we aren’t likely to be eaten by a tiger or bear so it is quite okay to get away from the comfort zone of our warm cozy room and experience what is to sleep, eat and spend time under open sky, bonfire and smell of the trees.

Breaks the monotony

It’s really tiring to spend days if not weeks staring at a glowing screen of your computer/mobile phone because reality doesn’t really offer you much time to break away from the work you are committed to. But just spending a night under the stars from your usual routine helps you rejuvenate yourself and even makes you more productive at work. Work is quite important but just having a night to yourself isn’t too much to ask for!

Catch up with life

We are all part of this big race that’s there as an unseen and a constant reminder but while we are on this, we also do need to take care of each other. So just grab a hot beverage, gather people around and maybe talk about life. As the vibe attracts the tribe, the vibe of the place could really help you know people in a much different light. You might as well meet new people through camping that you wouldn’t have normally approached and get to know them as a person.

Discover new things about yourself

Maybe you do like stargazing and a cup of tea that you chose over your usual cup of coffee and that too with people around you. You never really know if you haven’t tried and given an experience a chance to make it your own. Learning is inevitable so give a camping try and discover new things about yourself. You will perhaps find yourself in a much different life or gain different perspective as well.

Experience the contrast of day and night

Realistically most of us travel in the daylight and get विलुप्त with the beauty आँखाले नभ्याउनजेल .It isn’t always enough and मनमाने नि नमाने पनि we have to keep travelling because “miles to go before I sleep”. But hey, what if we could spend a night in that place and know what the place looks like in its days and nights. What if the place offers much more when you get to know it at night.

So have I given enough reason for you to camp this winter? If then do join our camping event happening this very Christmas eve on Telkot and Changunarayan. To claim your name in one of the tents and sleeping bad, register here at shorturl.at/jrBIP

And make new hitaishis(friends), hear exciting stories of our hitaishis to understand different versions of travel in an immersive way