Have you ever wondered about your existence and felt how tiny space you occupy on the earth? If not, you haven’t let your body travel, or you are missing travel. To travel is to live, to travel is to explore, be courageous, and sometimes adventurous too. Nothing is a barrier except our desire when it comes to travel. Moreover, if you travel with a purpose to serve yourself, it’s like experiencing serenity. It’s a similar feeling to instant play casino games with the platform Slotogate. Just as travel broadens horizons and invigorates the soul, Slotogate offers an adventure of its own, right at your fingertips, where you can explore a world of thrilling gameplay, take courageous spins, and embark on exciting gaming adventures.

Travel is not only satisfying your whims or not like reading bulky books and still worrying about the exams. It’s about experiencing nature and it’s phenomena and preparing to evolve. Travel also helps to add the experience of different food, culture, society, religion and other human aspects. Travel has its own guts to empower people. We get life-changing experiences through travel as things are going to happen that we never knew existed.

In Nepal, we mostly take travel as a tool for fun and refreshment. People mostly travel with family members or with friends as leisure activities. Their sole purpose is to reach the destination, enjoy the scenario for a moment, lookout  and return back. But travel is not only limited to fun and joy as many assume. Travel is about knowledge, self-awareness, mental health, confidence and passion. It also develops adaptability, increases connection and connects to new people. Travel from time to time empowers people to identify what we want from life. Sometimes, during travel, you may get stuck up into various issues but if only wonderful things happen to us, we can’t be brave. Trusting ourselves and building self-confidence are the gifts we gain from travelling to new places.

By being exposed to new places, people and cultures, you will develop a wider perspective in life and help to make a better-rounded society. It’s a great reward and a big reason why people love to travel. Learning is a strong reason why people love to travel. They want to experience something unfamiliar and leave with new skills or knowledge.

Looking at the current datas, the travelling rate of youth and the earning population has led to a surge in the travel industry of Nepal but still the ratio of female travellers is less. Lack of adequate understanding of female courage and the patriarchal thoughts has always been a bottleneck for the female travelers. There are female focused travel companies that empower women. There are also dozens of independent organizations around the world which exist with the sole purpose of empowering women through travel. But, still the taboos and misunderstandings of family and our culture leads women tied in social boundaries. 

Slowly, our country is developing the youths who have started to realize the power of travel. Various solo travelers, travelers groups, women travel circles, travel agencies are growing day by day. Both male and female have been issued tour guide licenses and involvement of females are also rising at a commercial level. If we understand the transformative and empowering nature of travel, our perspective on travelling may be broadened more which can have a better impact in travel and tourism.

Therefore, travel when used as a method of self- improvement can also empower the community around us and the whole nation can be changed with responsible citizens. Either you travel alone or in a group, travel always heals your brain and develops your inner self. You learn to hold yourself with grace, trust and embrace the perfect moments. You can also increase knowledge of management and coordination during the trip. So, let’s explore the destination and develop a plan, let’s embrace the place and let’s raise the place with our empowered notion. 

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