Trave-Yeller is an annual fundraising event for Girls Empowered by Travel, Nepal. Trave-Yeller has been organized by GET Nepal since 2017 to bring out inspirational travel stories every 8th of March. “Trave-Yeller 2023” is the sixth edition and this year the structure has been slightly modified from sharing the stories inside four walls to sharing stories in an open space.
On this international women’s day, we are incorporating motorbike riding for women (above 18 yrs old) to break the biases and build a world that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive, and to promote bike riding culture among girls/women with the concept of “Sisterhood on Wheels”.
This year we are collaborating with WIMA-Nepal (Women’s International Motorcycle Association) for the Riding this Trave-Yeller riding event. WIMA Nepal is a newly formed country division of WIMA International that is aimed to work for women in motorcycling-related activities around the world.
The details of the event:
Date: 8th March 2023 (International Women’s Day)
Location: Kakani (Taragaon Village Resort)
Registration fees: Nrs.1000 (if you are coming with a Pillion rider)
Nrs. 700 (if you are a single rider)
(Register by 3rd March, 2023)
We only have 50 spots available for women riders or who identify themselves as women.
Come join us to mark this year’s International women’s day as a special movement to celebrate women in travel and experience outdoors!