GET Nepal is organizing a Christmas camping with secret santa at Suryachaur. We believe travelling together can build the bond even stronger so this camping trip is an opportunity for travel and outdoor loving people like you to spend an overnight with someone you haven’t met before and create a beautiful friendship for lifetime.
The details of the camping are:
Venue: Suryachaur, Nuwakot
Date: 24th and 25th December
Camping fees: Rs. 3,500 /-
(This camping is for a group of 20 people so make sure you reserve your seat beforehand)
The camping fee includes the costs for transportation, food, camping equipment, gears (Sleeping bags, tents and mattress) & First Aid. Tents are shared.
Please submit the form by 21th December, 2022.
Highlights of the camping:
Secret Santa (Gift Exchange)
Camping Games
Travel stories sharing
Have you ever come across a traveler’s photos in a beautiful location somewhere and you think to yourself how it would have been if you could always travel and have this amazing experiences to yourself?
Maybe you do, maybe be you won’t but we can all agree that traveling is romanticized in such a way that it’s always portrayed as all about sunshine. Thus we are bringing a travel talk to discuss about Bitter sides of travel.
Travel Talks is an initiation of discussion series that aims to share our ideas and perspectives to ideate the different aspects of travel amidst companionable and those who love to travel.
To mark 16days of activism, we are keeping this travel talk as a close group discussion and create a safe space to share about such bitter and traumatic experiences during travel. Which is why we will have a limited seats for this event. So please fill up the form by December 6.
Event details:
Name of the Event: Travel Talk “Bitter side of Travel”
Date: December 9, 2022
Location: GET,Nepal Office
Time: 2pm onward