Many countries like France, Italy, India, Poland and others are under strict lockdown and Nepal is also one of them as the second wave of Coronavirus has struck following the crisis in India. The second phase of the lockdown started from April 29, 2021 started from Kathmandu valley and then to other cities across Nepal. As many people are  mentally restrained because of  the lockdown and traveling seems almost  impossible in this current situation, yet we have brought some interesting alternatives to ease our stress through the international virtual travel opportunities to keep up your travel interests and hopefully get rid of boredom. Despite the Humanitarian crisis, here are the lists of some spectacular destinations which will awe-struck our sensation after the virtual tour at your convenience from home.

  1. Everest Base Camp Experience:  Everest Base Camp is arguably the most popular trekking destination for many travel enthusiasts across the globe. Thousands of national and international visitors come for a trekking as it is considered adventurous because of its elevation of 17,598 ft/ 5,364 metres which is comparatively higher than some of the popular mountains in the world such as Mont Blanc- 15,771 feet / 4,807 metres, Matterhorn- 4,478 metres / 14,692 ft, Mount Rainier- 14,411 ft / 4,392 m and Mount Cook- 3,724 metres / 12,218 feet which makes the trek both fun and strenuous.
  2. Sir David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef: When it comes to nature documentaries, there is always one name in most people’s mind which is, Sir David Attenborough. Honestly speaking, there is not a dull moment while watching any of the documentaries about planet earth and natural wonders he has presented or narrated throughout several decades of his life as a narrator and presenter. His utmost passion on natural history and contribution for the support of environmental causes and its conservation is truly an inspiring one for the younger generation like us.
  3. Best Travel Films: Watching travel movies is one of the fruitful activities we can engage ourselves during this isolation period. It helps us not just to entertain but to boost knowledge about different places and the cultures that expand our horizons into reflecting different aspects of travel. The movies such as “Into the Wild”, ”The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and “The Beach” are eye-openers to many travel enthusiasts and see the world through unique points of view and approach it subjectively.
  4. Experience US National Parks: The United States has 63 protected areas which are known as national parks spread around. From the renowned Yosemite National park to Hawaii, US National Parks have a variety of landscapes and wilderness to offer the visitors. Here are some of the astounding National Parks that will blow your mind and give you a hunch to travel soon in the future.
  5. Explore the Virtual Heritage Tour of Bankatta, Chitwan with British Council Nepal: Chitwan National park is mainly famous for its rich natural area in the Terai area especially for jungle safari however it also holds a buffer zone area with beautiful villages such as Bankatta. Story Cycle in partnership with The British Council are organizing a Virtual Heritage Tour of Bankatta, Chitwan which is scheduled for May 28, 2021. Please follow this link for the registration process and enjoy the virtual tour. Register your name here, if you are interested to do virtual tour. 
  6. The longest wall: The Great Wall was built 2,000 years ago during the Ming dynasty, from 1368 until 1644, which took more than 100 years. The cost in both effort and resources were phenomenal. The wall was largely forgotten after the Ming Dynasty. Mother Nature has reclaimed sections of the wall. It wasn’t until recent history that the wall became the tourist destination.The Great Wall meanders through China’s northern mountain ranges from the Yellow Sea to the Gobi Desert—a distance of over 3500 miles! You’ll learn some of the fascinating history and legends of this engineering marvel, you’ll ride a lift up to the highest point of the wall.
  7. Visit the largest cave in the world with National Geographic: Nature has its miracle to display its beauty in different forms and caves are one of the wonders mainly of it’s mysterious structures hollowed out by the water over the period of time and the paintings or carvings done by our ancestors thousands of years ago reflects the ancient civilization. Caves have been a fascinating study for the historians and also popular among the people in general for the exploration in many countries.
  8. Arts and Cultures: The basic fundamentals of human lifestyle are revealed in the form of arts and cultures in every part of the world. The civilization has been evolving through experiences in adapting new culture and tradition and evolving in communication leads to change in the arts in general. You will get to explore the various arts, national museums, the history of politicians, world art exhibitions through this page.
  9. Learn a new language: The bold way to connect with different people and their cultures is clearly to learn a new language that drags you closer to the people and places. It will definitely help to make your travel more convenient and immersive. Learning a new language improves your memory power and a multitasker. Duolingo has 120 million users around the world, and currently teaches 19 distinct languages. The most popular courses are available for speakers of a variety of languages: for example, you can learn English from 21 different languages!
  10. Explore the Gre village of Rasuwa, Nepal: Gre is an ethnic Tamang village located in the northern part of Nepal at Rasuwa district which is 132km away from Kathmandu city. The legend has it that the term “Gre” refers to a Tibetan word which means the place to discuss and come into peace as many kingdoms were fighting with each other for the territory back in ancient history and Gre used to be a settling point for peace negotiation. This village was completely devastated during the earthquake in 2015 and so many people lost their lives and hundreds of people were homeless but they are slowly getting back on their feet and going towards tourism by running a Gre community homestay. Recently, there are five different homestays which are led by women. Girls Empowered by Travel Nepal provided the homestay training to these women in 2019 as it has the potential to be the starting trekking route for Langtang National park who wants to immerse in ethnic Tamang culture and explore its traditions along with trekking.