GET Nepal organized a three-day leadership workshop at Shree Janajyoti School, Raniyapur. Sristika Shrestha , Hitaishi Associate facilitated the 3 days leadership workshop along with the support of Anzu Pariyar , Teach For Nepal(TFN)fellow and general member of GET Nepal.
The leadership workshop included crucial aspects of SHRH, SOGI and self management that best suited the interest and needs of 30 students from grade 7,8 and 9. The highlight of the workshops that came from participants was “Understanding Gender roles and Stereotypes” where students drew their own family members and acknowledged how differently gender roles were assigned within their family. Empathizing with stories of transgender person, the workshop participants gained a broader perspective on sexuality, gender and LGBTIQA+ communities
The participants were also in awe of the “Jar of life” demonstration where they learned about life priorities through metaphors of Potatoes, lemons and lentils (the locally available resources to elements used in the original experiment).
Overall the workshop was really engaging for the students with videos,drawing activity, reflection, passing ball games and candy rewards. And GET Nepal would like to extend gratitude to Anju Pariyar and Yogesh Tiruwa, TFN fellows for constantly supporting and helping to make this three day session impactful for the students.