~Happy World Tourism Day 2022~
Every 27th of September is celebrated as “World Tourism Day 2022”. The theme of this year’s World Tourism Day is “Re-thinking Tourism.”
UN-HABITAT and Lumanti Support Group for Shelter organized a one day “Reliving History and Heritage on Pedals” event to celebrate “International World Tourism Day 2022” on 24th of September to mark the world tourism day with cyclists pedaling through Kirtipur-Bungamati.
The main purpose of this event was to provide authentic and cultural experiences and explore the local heritage sites through cycling. This event “Reliving History and Heritage on Pedals” was managed by Girls Empowered by Travel, Nepal.
Many local heritage sites like Kirtipur and Bungamati were explored and discovered by participants. The locals share the history of both Kirtipur and Bungamati.