Trave-Yeller is an annual fundraising event organized by GET-Nepal to mark International women’s day. It is an initiative to bring together travel-lovers to engage in an interactive discussion on how to make travel a perfect tool for empowerment. Travel-Yeller 2020 has been successfully completed in March8, 2020 at NATHM with 97 number of participants to mark International women’s day 2020 with the theme “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Right.”
1. To create space and a platform for girls to encourage their participation in meaningful travel.
2. To promote domestic tourism including the concept of meaningful travel.
3. To raise funds to support Hitaishi: Rural-Urban.
We had four different speakers who have been exploring the beautiful places of Nepal.
Ms. Purnima Shrestha, a photojournalist by profession and a mountaineer by passion, who has made history by becoming the first Nepali photojournalist to summit Mt. Everest in May of 2018 including Mt. Manaslu and Mt. Amadablam. She shared different challenges and obstacles during her expeditions. She concluded, “The mountains are my home, I will keep climbing the different mountains in Nepal. It made me realize that If you try nothing is possible. So, never give up”.
Ms. Jyoti Sah, A Rural Hitaishi participant, Birgunj Nepal, shared her journey of being the part of Hitaishi. She is currently organizing different campaigns against Child Marriage in her own hometown with the support of local government bodies. Her story was really inspiring. She is inspiring other young girls to explore, learn and share. The Hitaishi project has entirely changed her life. She was a young girl yesterday but working as a community leader today
Mr. Sanjaya Bikram Singh Thakuri, a biomedical engineer and a travel-enthusiast who has traveled 72 districts of Nepal to date and is working in the National Innovation Centre of Nepal, was a Snow Yak fellow teacher in 2017. He shares his stories of Upper Dolpa (norther part of Nepal), a place with different Tibetan cultures. The Tibetan kids go to Monastery, they even don’t know what is school. The Snow Yak Foundation has been doing a marvelous job, sending youth like Sanjaya to a village as a teacher, paving the path for a brighter future of these kids.

Ms. Samriddhi Rai, a full-time singer/songwriter, and a part-time blogger, her travel stories are captured in a series of travel vlogs. She shared what are the conditions for females to travel around Nepal. Likewise, she even shared the hurdles she faced during travel and how it empowered her. She concludes ” Empowerment ultimately starts when you get out of the comfort zone.”

We are so thankful for our supporters, amazing volunteers, and energetic audiences.

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