Traveling is the best way to learn anything. It is said “When something good happens, travel to celebrate; when something bad happens, travel to forget and when nothing happens, travel to create new memories.” One learns new culture, history, geography, social skills and so on from travel. Yet, travel has not gained its required value in Nepal. One of the reasons behind this is lack of storytelling and sharing it in mass. For instance, many travel and get back to their monotonous busy life and hence learning from travel is not discussed properly whereas some travelers want to share their learning but have no audience to listen to.

On September 11,2020; marking third anniversary of GET-Nepal we conducted “Travel Talks Series IV” with 30 number of participants. As the speakers we had two amazing solo-traveler  Miss Binita Jirel who solo traveled Upper Mustang for 17 days and Miss Shanti Rai who solo traveled  across Nepal for 90 days. They both are co-founder of Duluwatalks too.  Here are some of the highlights from the session