In celebration of International Youth Day 2023, Girls Empowered by Travel, Nepal, orchestrated an engaging week-long Youth Outdoors Festival. This vibrant event encompassed a series of exciting activities including Wall Climbing, Cycling, and Futsal.

Commencing on the 5th of August, the event kicked off with “Reliving Bahals on Wheel,” a captivating cycling event designed to commemorate cultural heritage. Enthusiastic participants embarked on an exploration of picturesque routes and local landmarks, traversing from Basantapur to five distinct Bahals: Itum Baha, Shree Gha Bahal, Yatkha Bahal, Chhusya Bahal, Bhagwan Bahal, and Takshya Bahal. Along this journey, participants engaged in a captivating treasure hunt, enhancing the thrill of the experience.

On the 7th of August, the “Conquer Height: Wall Climbing” event took center stage. Beyond being a mere physical challenge, this event symbolized the conquering of personal fears and the assertion of one’s rightful place within society. Participants embraced the daunting heights of wall climbing as a metaphor for overcoming challenges and pushing boundaries.

The grand finale of this celebratory series was the “Futsal Fusion: Igniting Bond & Youth Power,” which took place on August 10th. GETNepal orchestrated this exhilarating event, bringing all the CBOs and youth together. Beyond the competitive aspect, this event served as a platform to ignite bonds among participants and channel the collective power of the youth.

The Youth Outdoors Festival organized by Girls Empowered by Travel, Nepal, in honor of International Youth Day 2023, encapsulated not only physical activities but also deeper themes of cultural appreciation, personal growth, and camaraderie among the youth.