Outdoers is one of our leading projects of GET-Nepal. The Outdoor Leadership Journey for mostly young girls designed to enhance their leadership abilities-empower them through their experiences in the wilderness to gain self-esteem, confidence, and independence. In least developing country like Nepal, where the patriarchal roots are deeply rooted, female hardly get access or opportunities to explore the outside world. They are obliged to depend financially with their husbands or parents so Girls Empowered by Travel has brought some unique outdoors leadership activities and programs to let them feel their full potentialities and develop the confidence.

The Outdoers activities includes like Camping, Climbing the wall, Map reading, Basic Survival Skills and Self Defense technique. It will help them to push their limits and come out from the comfort zone.

The main objectives of Outdoers are:

  • To engage and empower young women through outdoor leadership activities.
  • To encourage sustainable ways of travel for women travelers.
  • To develop outdoor travel culture for women in Nepal.
  • To facilitate different workshops related to outdoor skills.