Sustainable Tourism Initiative is initiated with the idea of helping a rural community that aims to assist local women in rural areas to develop sustainable projects for socioeconomic empowerment in their communities. The major aim is to provide various entrepreneurship skills and advocacy programs related to tourism and hospitality in order to help them run a community homestay effectively by providing service to both local and international tourism.  There are very few female representatives in the tourism industry to motivate more women in the main stream of tourism industry. Only few women are involved in the adventurous sports. Hence, the Sustainable Tourism Initiative also aims to mitigate the gap between the demand and supply of female trekking/tour guides and mountaineer guides.  STI encourages the learning and sharing environment within the travelers and communities. In Nepal, there has been high trend of volun-tourism in Nepal and which is causing the negative impacts in the community due to the over flooded foreigners in the village and influenced by western cultures. The foreign volunteers  with little knowledge of the community and it’s history won’t be able enough to contribute in the community. Learning should come before serving. Understanding the essence of “Serve and Learn” STI will provide the immersive experiences to travelers so they can share their expertise later.


  1. To make an immersive travel with learning and sharing opportunity for local and international travelers of different ethnic communities of Nepal.
  2. To establish sustainable livelihood focusing women through sustainable travel bussiness
  3. To bring more female into the mainstream of tourism industry.

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