Travel with meaning:Travel Talks-Series I was successfully accomplished on January 17, 2020 with 17 of participants where we had Ms. Shanta Nepali : Film-maker and a Traveler as a youth forum in the discussion. The discourse mainly focused on the prevailing issues in Tourism Industry and the roles of we, as a citizen of Nepal for the prospectus of fulfilling the pinnacles in the riveting tourism were discussed.

The main aspiration of this talk was to meaningfully interact and celebrate “Visit Nepal 2020” as well as to acknowledge the different preparation statistics to welcome 2 million international visitants but remembering the three more essential factor; “What is Visit Nepal 2020?” a must understanding to promote the tourism province as a duty of each individual, “the problems” and  “our roles and responsibilities” during the Visit Nepal as a young future fabricating youths. The main highlight spot of this discussion was on “Why few women are involved in Tourism Trade of  Nepal?” Through discussion, we analysed looking at wide dimensional perspective about women during the travel related themes who usually  have fewer participation in these provinces. In a loophole, we can conclude the various rationale such as the physical, working structure of women in the scenario.

Travel Talks is an opportunistic platform to escort young girls in the area of Tourism industry and to conversant the knowledge with their essential presence in this sector.